Traditional coal chemical industry encounters challenges Green chemical talents are favored

As a preferential policy basis for the new round of western development strategy, the Catalogue of Encouraged Industries in the Western Region (hereinafter referred to as the “Catalogue”) has finally been released after nearly four years of sawing. The "Catalogue" includes the encouragement industry in the country's existing industry directory and the newly encouraged industry in the western region. The region includes 12 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities within the scope of western development.

The coal chemical industry that had previously been buoyed by the capital market suffered “cold”, while new energy categories such as solar energy, wind energy, and coal-to-natural gas industries were among them. The industrial waste heat, residual pressure, pressure difference, gas development and application of comprehensive utilization technology are also listed in the encouraged industrial categories. The chemical industry is in a period of transition to green. The development of new energy sources and expansion of the environmental protection industry will be the mainstream trend of its development.

Affected by this, green chemical talents are hot. According to the statistics of's chemical excellence network, as of September, the demand for chemical industry recruitment increased by 13.5% compared with the same period of last year.

From a regional point of view, the first-line regions such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong are still the mainstay of talent demand. However, with the favorable policies in the western region, the demand for recruitment of green chemical talents in the central and western regions has also increased significantly. Among the hot recruiting positions, the positions of new energy R&D engineers, waste heat power generator engineers, and environmental engineers were very eye-catching. They were up 28.5%, 24.3%, and 18.8% respectively compared to the same period of last year.

Yingcai Wanglian professional guidance experts said that in the "Catalogue" solicitation of comments, coal chemical projects "have" has been controversial, the traditional coal chemical industry is experiencing unprecedented challenges, in recent years the western region coal chemical industry overcapacity, products Structural equivalence issues are highlighted, and the "Catalogue" releases industrial adjustment signals. With the further development of the Western Development, the new coal chemical industry will develop in the direction of cleaner and more efficient use, and green chemical talents will also have more room for development.

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