Metal turning oil mist lubrication processing

In most cases, lathes are lubricated and cooled by cutting fluids. The use of large amounts of cutting fluids has a great influence on the operating environment and the health of operators. At the same time, cutting fluids are also expensive to handle. Because of the many problems in the lubrication and cooling of cutting fluids, new technologies have been developed to replace the traditional methods of lubrication and cooling.
The area where cutting tools are prone to wear during turning is the rake face. Therefore, spraying and permeating minute amounts of lubricant mist during processing will greatly reduce friction. When applying lathe lubrication oil mist to the lathe, attention should be paid to the following: For the injection system lathe, the installation of the micro-lubrication system should not affect the movement of machining and other components; the internal-cool lubrication lathe is a lubricant sprayed in the form of suspended oil mist particles. In the cutting area, the reliable flow of suspended particles must be maintained. Therefore, the design of the machine tool should consider ensuring the reliable transportation of the suspended particles and the reliable sealing of the channel. The cutting tool jacket must be matched to the cutting tool and the lubricant mist particles can reach the cutting. area.
The main influencing factors of the processing quality and processing efficiency include the amount of back-feeding, feed, and cutting speed in the machining, in order to improve the influence of the cutting fluid on the processing environment and the adverse effects on the lathe maintenance. It is necessary to study and apply the lubrication of a small amount of oil mist on a lathe. The advantages of the micro-lubrication method are:
1. Reduce cutting costs and maintenance costs.
2. The machine tool does not need to consider the protection design against leakage, which can improve the life of the electrical system and reduce the maintenance cost.
3, can obtain better processing quality and higher processing efficiency.
4, can improve the cutting tool's processing life.
The air supply pressure of the lathe lubrication system for lathes is required to operate normally at 5-7 bar, and better results can be obtained when the air source pressure is increased to 8-10 bar.
Refer to the following case:
Material: Aluminum alloy machine tool: Lathe machine speed: 0-5000 rpm lubrication system: Previous 5% emulsion
Later Coulter II Lubrication Special Oil Size; ¢24*98

Processing data:
<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" align="center" border="1"> <tbody> <tr> <td rowspan="2">
Cutters</td> <td colspan="3"> Emulsion processing</td> <td colspan="3"> Minimal lubrication (MQL) processing</td> </tr> <tr> <td> Cutting speed (m/min) </td> <td> Feed (mm/min) </td> <td> Tool Life (Number of Workpieces) </td> <td> Cutting Speed ​​(m/min) </m> Td> <td> Feed (mm/min) </td> <td> Tool Life (Number of Workpieces) </td> </tr> <tr> <td> 55° R0.4 </td> <td> 192.2 </td> <td> 500 </td> <td> 3000 </td> <td> 211.9 </td> <td> 675 </td> <td> 5000 </td> </td> Tr> <tr> <td> Thread Knife M28*1.5 </td> <td> 117.7 </td> <td> - </td> <td> 5000 </td> <td> 121.6 </td> < Td> - </td> <td> 5000 </td> </tr> <tr> <td> ¢8 tapped holes</td> <td> 235.5 </td> <td> 450 </td> < Td> 5000 </td> <td> 235.5 </td> <td> 600 </td> <td> 5000 </td> </tr> <tr> <td> Drilling</td> <td> 188.4 </td> <td> 480 </td> <td> 1500 </td> <td> 200 </td> <td> 637.5 </td> <td> 2500 </td> </tr> <tr > <td> 45° R0.4 </td> <td> 274.7 </td> <td> 525 </td> <td> 3250 </td> <td> 282.6 </td> <td> 720 < /td> <td> 5000 </td> </tr> <tr> <td> Chamfering Td> <td> 78.5 </td> <td> 120 </td> <td> 3500 </td> <td> 90.2 </td> <td> 172.5 </td> <td> 5000 </td> </tr> <tr> <td> Thread cutter M18*1 left-handed</td> <td> 117.7 </td> <td> - </td> <td> 5000 </td> <td> 117.7 </ tw Td> <td> - </td> <td> 5000 </td>

Tube Filling And Sealing Machine

Production Introduction:

It's suitable for the filling, sealing & date printing of various pastes and liquid viscosity materials into plastic tubes., widely used in tube packing of daily chemistry, pharmacy industries.


1. This machine features its mechanism struture, stable operation and high efficiency,. Besides, it's widely welcome for its simple structure, low noise, convenient operation & maintenance and low rate of fault.

2. It use manual insert tubes and position, PLC control system, heat the inner tube with hot air, accurate position. It's an ideal machine for sealing plastic tubes for it's unique realiability and longevity.


It is lately developed and widely used in the fields of toothpaste, cosmetics, medicine etc. It is suitable for all kinds of plastics compound soft tube, plastics soft tubes filling and sealing.

This equipment can automatically fill, seal, stamp batch numbers and exit tubes, except feed tubes by hand.

It adopts inner heating. We completely adopt stainless steel in the fill-packing section and the parts connecting with stuffs, which can proof acid, alkali and corrosion. All the channels are connected quickly by clip-hoop; they can be packed, unloaded fast and agilely. The material-valve can be rotary valve or ball valve according to the different material, it can be cleanout easily, theres no place for the dirty. Manual and computer controlling both can be used to adjust measure.

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