The main function of intelligent electrical fire monitoring music bird

The smart electricity safety management system is composed of three major core architectures: smart electricity and electrical fire prevention online monitoring devices, wireless transmission modules, and smart electricity security management service platforms.
The Smart Electricity Safety Management System is now part of a smart city that uses IoT technology for the main causes of electrical-induced fire (the temperature of the cable as well as the voltage and current as well as leakage currents and short circuits. ) Follow-up data tracking and statistics and analysis, timely detection of all existing electrical safety hazards of all electrical circuits, such as abnormal temperature of the cable, overload or over-voltage Pressure and leakage or short circuit failure.
So the most well-known smart energy security management system in China is the Le Bird Cloud 119 platform, through the analysis of big data, promptly sending early warning information to safe management personnel, reminding all companies to manage these hidden dangers and achieve a Eliminate the danger of potential electrical fires and achieve a purpose of rainy days. And Leyuyun 119 platform can also make big data statistics in advance to analyze the hidden dangers of the lines in the next few years. For this supervised service platform can effectively solve the old electrical lines of all the electricity-consuming units, and Small-scale enterprises do not have professional electricians, and there are no ways to immediately detect hidden electrical hazards and hidden problems of hidden projects. It is difficult to check these difficult problems. Then smart power security management system platforms such as:
Applied site
1. There are hotels and restaurants in shopping malls and markets.
2, Internet cafes or bars have entertainment.
3, pension institutions and welfare agencies to help.
4. The storage of dangerous chemicals is also the place of production and operation.
5. The lessor of the peasants in the suburban suburbs is the area where the concentration of people and the use of electrical appliances are concentrated.
7. Large public institutions such as hospitals and schools.
8, underground shopping malls or underground parking lots (banks), including some densely populated areas.
9, the system of cultural relics.
The promotion and use of smart electricity safety management systems is an effective measure to prevent all electrical fires at the source. It is a company that guides companies to establish a strong sense of safety and to carry out operations that fully implement safe production. Responsibility of the main body strengthens the foundation of the hardware of the company's production of safety, the mechanism of governance that established the investigation of the hidden trouble of a sound company has a powerful tool that improved the level of security of the company's own duties

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