Michelin plans to upgrade US plant to expand high-performance light truck tires

Michelin North America recently issued an official statement that the company will spend US$22 million to upgrade its factory in Dothan, Alabama, USA, to expand its production capacity of high-performance light truck /SUV tires.

Michelin plans to upgrade US factory Expansion of high-performance light truck tires
Michelin plans to upgrade US plant to expand high-performance light truck tires

Pete Selleck, president and president of Michelin North America, said that the investment projects included upgrades to the equipment at Dosson’s plant and the addition of 40 new employees, which will be completed in the summer of next year when the plant’s high-performance light truck/SUV tyres are produced. It will increase 10% on the previous basis.

The Michelin Dosson plant has been in operation for more than 35 years. The plant currently employs 560 people and the tires are mainly supplied to the North American market.

Since December of last year, Michelin has successively expanded the production capacity of its German and Hungarian factories. The tires for the expansion of production are respectively self-repaired technology tires and UHP ultra-high performance tires.

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Jacketed Kettle Machine

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Working principle

The design of the steam kettle makes heating and cooking very efficient and fast. Kettles have a double wall or [jacket" covering the bottom and at least half the height of the sides, to provide space for steam to circulate, thereby heating the cooking surface. Typically steam is introduced to the kettle and circulated through the jacket to deliver the heat for processing. The use of steam as the heating medium has many advantages: uniform heating, rapid heat transfer and easy control of the heating rate through a steam valve. Steam can be supplied to the kettle by an independent boiler through a pressurized pipe.

Why choose a steam kettle?

Because steam kettles heat indirectly by blasting the exterior of the kettle cooking chamber with superheated pressurized steam, cream- and milk-based recipes and delicate foods like chocolate are not as easily scorched.

Not only that, but compared to other tools like stock pots, steam jacketed kettles use 35 percent less energy than stock pots on an open burner, and can boost a kitchen`s output in a number of ways:

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