·Volkswagen and Hella cooperate LED matrix headlights

According to foreign media reports, Volkswagen will provide the innovative luxury lamp system IQ.LIGHT LED matrix headlights to the new luxury SUV. The 128 LEDs offer precise, optimal light distribution and luminous intensity. Compared with the traditional lamp system, the LED matrix headlights will greatly enhance the safety and comfort of the vehicle, allowing the driver to identify the road details and find possible obstacles in front of the night as far as possible under night driving conditions.
The new Volkswagen Touareg's front lights feature 256 LEDs. In order to activate the responsive LED, the associated control unit will analyze the signal of the front camera and the data of the data card, and refer to the unit coordinates of the GPS. Current vehicle parameters such as steering angle and vehicle speed will be included in the consideration. Combined with the above data, the ideal LED headlight lighting solution will be generated in less than one second to illuminate the road ahead and the surrounding environment.
For the Volkswagen Touareg, all of the above will be done automatically, just by using the "Dynamic Light Assist" to activate.
The vehicle can identify whether the vehicle is in the city or on a country road based on different signals, whether it is driving at high speed or off-road, and can speculate on the location of other road users. Due to the high precision of this LED matrix headlight, it ensures that its lighting is never glaring.
The driver will always be assisted by the best lighting and will not cause problems for other road users. (This image is taken from eenewsautomotive.com)

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