The location and method of dosing during flotation

(1) Location of dosing: Under normal circumstances, the determination of flotation reagents is determined on the basis of small experiments by analyzing the experimental results. The selection and method of the dosing point fully consider the characteristics of the ore and the specific conditions of the process, the use of the agent, and the solubility. Usually the pulp conditioner is added to the mill to eliminate the harmful effects of the "inevitable" ions that act or inhibit the activation or inhibition in the ore. The inhibitor may be added to the mill before it is added to the collector , and the activator is often added to the agitation tank for a certain period of time with the slurry in the tank. Collector and foaming agent or both. Sudsing agents added to a stirred tank and the flotation machine, and poorly soluble collectors (e.g. cresol black powder, baiyao, coal oil), to cause dissolved and dispersed, and prolong the time action of the mineral, Also often added to the mill.

(2) Dosing method: Dosing can be added in one time or in batches. Once added, a certain agent is added to the slurry once before flotation, so that the concentration of the agent at a certain working point is high, the action intensity is large, and the addition is convenient. Generally, for drugs that are easily soluble in water, which are not taken away by the foam machinery, and which are not easily reacted in the pulp (such as soda, lime, etc.), dosing is often used once. Batch dosing is the addition of a certain agent in batches during the flotation process. Generally, 60%~80% of the total amount is added before the flotation, and the remaining 30%~40% are added to the appropriate working points in several batches, so that the concentration of the flotation line can be maintained, which is beneficial to improving the quality of the concentrate, and adding once. In comparison, higher recovery rates and lower drug costs are achieved.

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