Used machine tools are sought after? Talking about the transformation of those things

I think that maybe there is no industry like our machine tool industry so love to use "second-hand goods." The use of second-hand machine tools is not only because of cost considerations. On the other hand, because the old machine tool has been refurbished and “changing brains” (with digital control system), its machining accuracy and efficiency are not inferior to new machine tools, and even cheaper than some new ones. Machine tools are even better. This makes some well-made "used machine tools" particularly popular. Today, the author gave you talk about "old machine tools," those things!

The old machine tool glows new vitality

There are a lot of things in the industry about the remake of old machine tools. Some time ago, when I browsed the news, I also saw a recycled used lathe coming into the factory, which became a “good idea” for the workers. Even the masters rushed to use it! Stable working performance and high machining accuracy are the reasons for the popularity of second-hand machine tools. Even a lot of masters think that the former old machine tool is more accurate than the machine tool that has just been delivered.

Coincidentally, Jiangsu Chenguang CNC Machine Tools Co., Ltd. (hereinafter abbreviated as Chenguang) engaged in the manufacture of high-end boring mills, milling machines and thread grinders has similar experiences. At that time, Chenguang was forced by the pressing demand of high-precision equipment from the company's development. It used a nine-meter planer that was manufactured in Germany in the early 1960s and used as a second-hand equipment in the country for several decades. It was then converted into a performance closer to the first-order accuracy. The high-end gantry guide grinding machine broke the myth of China's precision machine tool remanufacturing. This has become a model for the domestic high-precision machine tool remanufacturing industry.

The above two examples illustrate the broad prospects for the transformation of machine tools. The transformation of old machine tools not only caters to the current "green manufacturing" requirements, but also meets the needs of related companies for machine tools. In this context, the author believes that the machine tool "rebirth" industry is worth looking forward to.

Machine tools need to be "highly genetic"

Not all milk is called Sue, and not all machine tools are suitable for transformation. It can even be said that machine rebuilding is a high threshold.

First of all, the machine tool's own conditions are so rigid that it is worth pointing out. The general machine tool transformation is once the machine "brand-name goods", they have excellent quality, although because of the time and their own hardware and equipment out of date, but put on the "advanced" stuff such as CNC system, immediately change the appearance of the new, become processing good helper.

Second, precision processing and stability are good. The cost of retrofitting the old machine tool is because many old machine tools have good accuracy and stable processing, but due to the long years and labor intensity, they are on the brink of retirement. After such an old machine has been refurbished, repaired, and maintained, the work efficiency is high, but the cost is far lower than that of a new machine with the same quality.

Finally, the cost is right and it is worth re-engineering. No matter how good the machine itself is, the accuracy is even better. If the cost of reform exceeds that of the same type, it is still not worthwhile to reform. Although the old machine tool has natural advantages in terms of stress and stability, once it exceeds the control range of cost, it can only embark on the path of being eliminated.

How to Rejuvenate the "High Gene" Worn Machine Tool

As mentioned above, the transformation of machine tools is a “high threshold”, and the basic machines that can be transformed have “high genes”. So how are these high-geneity machine tools "rejuvenated"? The author summed it up, probably the following three categories.

First, change brain

"Changing the brain" is a relatively common type of machine tool transformation. The so-called "brain change" is the installation of a computer-controlled numerical control system on an ordinary machine controlled by the original human. This kind of machine tool often does not have much problem on one's own, but the productivity does not have the development of the times. At this time, "changing one brain," they immediately changed from old machine tools to "technological new machine tools." This kind of transformation effect is also immediate: the labor cost is reduced, and the machine control accuracy is more secure. Therefore, this change of mind is very popular in the transformation of machine tools.

Second, change heart

The most common problem with old machine tools is "failure." It shows that power is insufficient and accuracy is reduced. In addition to the problems of this kind of core components, it is more appropriate to carry out the “heart change” transformation. In general, such modifications will preserve the advantages of the machine tool, and make customized replacements for parts that have become technically obsolete or damaged, such as the provision of more advanced servo motors, retrofitting of hydraulic systems, and replacement of drive components. After the "old heart" of the old machine tool processing effect back to the past, and then showed a young vitality.

Third, change bones

There is another type of old machine that is most interesting, where it is uncomfortable. Like an old person, it's not low back and leg pain, or cervical pain. This kind of machine tool is generally subject to a full-body inspection and modification, just like the disassembly of all the bones. In fact, the transformation of such machine tools is the most complex. In addition to the replacement and maintenance of parts and components, there are accuracy restoration and improvement. Otherwise, the machine tool will be repaired on the surface.

Although the old machine tool is in the scrapped period, the longer the basic workpieces quenched by precision casting and traditional technology, the better the stress and accuracy stability, and the stronger the fatigue resistance and deformation resistance of the workpiece, and the application value is also high. Therefore, the transformation of machine tools is not turning waste into treasure, but let the treasures return to life. The emergence of remanufacturing industry is not only the requirement of green energy conservation and environmental protection, but also the need for enterprises to control costs. In particular, the "expensive" machines such as machine tools, the pressure of the company to replace a new batch of equipment, although not to the detriment of the bones, but it is not at all easy. However, with the transformation of machine tools, production efficiency can be ensured, and companies can save millions of equipment replacement costs. Why not?

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